PowerStar Optima 99193

The PowerStar Optima Central vacuum system boasts a distinct advantage compared to other vacuum cleaners on the market. This vacuuming system, constructed with advanced features, is suitable for cleaning large homes. With a remarkable 533 airwatts and 123” waterlift, the PowerStar Optima central vacuum guarantees thorough cleaning and ease of use.

At the heart of the PowerStar Optima is optimum filtration that leaves your house cleaner and safer. Like other vacuum cleaners in the PowerStar range, the Optima can be vented outside to ensure that no harmful particles or fine allergens saturate your indoor air.

The PowerStar Optima also features a high efficiency and detachable filter that guarantees superior filtration. The Aller-X micro-electrostatic filtration bags and the Teflon/HEPA filtration system serve to sequester all allergens, fine spores, mold, bugs and insects down to a remarkable 0.01 microns. The HEPA filtration is 99.97% efficient.

Electrolux Central Vacuum
One of the joys of using a modern central vacuum system is the low levels of noise.

The PowerStar Optima is built to eliminate vibrations, and comes with a soundproofed motor. This combination keeps the noise levels down to an impressive 58 decibels.

The PowerStar Optima central vacuum system is easy to use. This unit features an LED-monitoring device that shows you the operations of your vacuuming unit. From the information displayed on the LED, you will know when to service your unit, when to empty the dirt receptacle and even when to replace the filtration bags.

Many homeowners who clean using the PowerStar Optima central vacuum system are certainly impressed by its contemporary technology and design. This central vacuum system comes with a powerful and durable motor made from stainless steel. The low-level noise motor not only guarantees high performance; it is also designed to endure the effects of corrosion and rust.


The PowerStar Optima Central Vacuum System 99193 should be your first choice if you are looking for an advanced cleaning solution for your large home. In addition to guaranteeing a clean house, this central vacuum will also allow you and your family to enjoy healthy, fresh air every day.

  • Air Watts: 533
  • Filtration system: Cyclonic
  • Noise level in decibels: 58 
  • Suction power: 123 inches
  • Dirt capacity in gallons: 2.3
  • Warranty: 5 years on motor
  • Rating out of 5 points: 4.7


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