Power Star PS705 Central Vacuum Review

review of the power star ps 705 central vacuum system

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The PowerStar PS705 central vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular mid-range units suitable for homes as large as 7,000 square feet. Boasting a capacity of 600 air watts, this unit guarantees consistently high performance cleaning for your home.

Over the years, the PowerStar brand has earned a reputation for high quality and reliable vacuum systems and the PS705 lives up to this standard. This central vacuum system comes with a 2-stage motor, foam insulation, a muffler for quiet operation and a super convenient utility inlet located at the front of the vacuum to make cleaning your car or garage fuss-free.

A close look at the Amtek 5.7 120 volt motor reveals the power behind this versatile vacuum system. With an output of 600 air watts, maximum suction power of 140 inches and impressive airflow of 125 cubic feet per minute, PowerStar PS705 delivers on performance to meet the cleaning needs of a mid-sized home.

In addition to delivering on performance, the PS705 is built to provide improved indoor air quality. This vacuum cleaner comes with HEPA filtration which works to filter out debris, dirt and potential allergens, leaving you with a healthy and allergy-free home. The best part is that the filter is self-cleaning, giving you peace of mind as you do not have to worry about cleaning any filters.

In keeping with PowerStar standards, this model features a large 4-gallon dirt canister which can be easily detached from the power unit to dispose the dirt and then mounted back hassle-free.

The features integrated into this appliance easily make it one of the most reliable cleaning solutions in terms of convenience, ease of use, longevity and performance. From the motor venting filter that mitigates motor overload to the utility inlet and the vibration-proofed mounting system, the PowerStar PS705 is evidentially built to meet the all-round cleaning needs of any household.

Finally, this central vacuum system comes with a 5 year warranty, a guarantee of long-term performance.


If you are on the fence about the best central vacuum for your mid-sized home, you should give PowerStar PS705 a try. This is a tried and tested brand and although it is a bit pricey, you certainly get what you pay for with this central vacuum cleaner in terms of longevity and performance.

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    5.7 120 V motor
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    Air watts: 600
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    The total dirt capacity: 4 gallons
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    Noise: 76 dba
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    All-steel construction
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    Self-cleaning filter