Parts and Accessories

Below is a list of our recommended accessories for the most popular central vacuum units on the market.

PowerStar Optima

Accessory Type



Attachement Kits

2 durable ABS wand, upholstery tool, carpet and bare floor tool, bare floor brush for all terrain with hair bristles, crevice tool, vinly storage bags, slide-on accesory for dusting brush


Low voltage hose

Light weight hose with a super flexible swivel to clean hidden corners. Comes with new on and off control. 1-3/8'' diameter offers greater airflow



The 5.7 inch Ametek Lamb 116765 Motor with a voltage of 110-120, Amps, 136''cfm waterlift, and 465 airwatt


Bags/ Filter

microlined bag with a 5.6 gallon capacitythese advanced replacement bags remove up to 98.7 percent of harmful dust and allergens.


Wall inlets

Wall inlet with 1.5'' diameter for easy installation. Just attach the low volt wall terminals onto the inlet. Comes in ivory, almond or white


Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen

Accessory Type



Electrolux 30 Foot Central Vac Hose for Metal Wands

35 feet long electrolux central vacuum hose. Ideal for Electrolux central vacs with metal wands. One side fits into dual pronged power connection. The other part works if you plug into wall inlet using a power cord.


Electrolux Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

35-Foot hose, with built in accessries, a Quiet Clean Oxy Handle, a superior attachment kit, pickup brush built for multi-surface vacuuming. 2 year warranty


Electrolux powerhead combo tools

The Rug and Floor Combo accesories come with a hradfloor bristle brush and a smooth-glding tool for carpet cleaning. Change either brushes with the flick of a button. Lint brush pabd attached.


Electrolux central vac moto

Electrolux central vac motor measures 8 1/2'' in height and a base measurement of 6 inches. Manufactured by Ametek Lamb.


Electrolux central vacuum foam filler

Circular foam filter that fits all Electrolux central vacuums. Measures 6'' by 6''inch with a 2'' diameter middle hole.


Drainvac DV1R700-F

Accessory Type



DrainVac/PurVac 4 Gallon Vacuum Bags

Anti-Allergen vacuum bags that trap microscopic debris. Durabl dual-ply material with 99% filtration effectiveness. Change after 3 to 4 months.


116765 Lamb Central Vacuum Motor

35-Foot hose, with built in accessries, a Quiet Clean Oxy Handle, a superior attachment kit, pickup brush built for multi-surface vacuuming. 2 year warranty


DrainVac/PurVac 4 Gallon Vacuum Pre-Motor Filter

HEPA motor filter that traps microscopic allergens and pollem; Easy to wash by hand and water only.


AirVac Red Series

Accessory Type



AirVac V610PS Central Vacuum Deluxe SuperSystem Hose, 30 Ft.

Crush proof 30-foot long hose with 1 1/4'' diameter; In-built three handle switches for power brush and vacuum control; tool attachment button release; suction control ring; separate cord for power brush is not required.


AirVac VM4200DS Central Vacuum Deluxe SuperSystem Accessory Kit

Powerful vacuim accessories including electric carpet brush with headlights; electric hose attached to power cord for use with high voltage inlets; digital display indicating when dustbag needs to be replaced and motor requires servicing; premium horsehair upholstery; 30 foot sturdy hose cover


AirVac VM204 Central Vacuum Fabric Hose Cover, Stretch

Strech hose cover suitable for 30 foot AirVac hose; keeps furniture, walls and flors from sctatches; protects hose.


AirVac VM252 Central Vacuum Floor/Wall Tool

AirVac attachment tool suitable for floor and wall vacuuming; smooth horsehair bristles;


AirVac VMTE Central Vacuum Metal Telescopic Wand

Light weight AirVac central vacuum wand; fits with AirrVac air-powered carpet brushes, and accessories. Extendable and retractable wand allows easy use.


Dust Care DCC-3000C Quiet Series

Accessory Type



Dust Care Central Vacuum Cleaner 35 Feet Electric Hose

Crushproof 35 inch electric powered hose; comes with a standard 1 1/4 wand; a pump-like swivel handle; a wand lock and 3 way switch button.


Dust Care Generic Carpet Nozzle Attachment

Fitting attachments with dust brush, 15 inch crevice tool, 1 1/2 inch fittings, 6 inch upholstery accessories, 14 inch hardfloor brush, two 30 inch metal wands.


Dust Care Backpack Vacuum Cleaner 1 1/2" Fitting Attachments

Strech hose cover suitable for 30 foot AirVac hose; keeps furniture, walls and flors from sctatches; protects hose.


Dust Care Model DCC3000 Central Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bag Kit

Dust care central vacuum paper bag adoptor kit


Dust Care Generic Central Vac Power Nozzle 32-4814-62

Dust Care Central Vacuum Power Nozzle with direct inlet valve connection, 14 inch cleaning path, 4 different height variations; headlights and swivel elbow, brush roll


Cana-Vac Ultra Quiet Model 700-LS

Accessory Type



Lindhaus Pro Power Head

Super powerful carpet cleaner with adjustable height for easy cleaning. Carpet cleaner comes with powerhead, with 12 inch cleaning path.


Universal 4-Piece Central Vacuum Accessory Set

Includes a 10 inch rug and floor cleaning tool, 5 inch upholstery tool, 4 inch round dusting tool, and 8 1/2 inch crevice tol



Easy way to sweep dirt and debris. Strong dustpan with top fed feature that can connect to any Cana-Vac vacuum.Comes in black, ivory or white


Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool

Dust care central vacuum paper bag adoptor kit


35ft Low Voltage On/Off Hose with Button Lock

On and off switch with a mechanism to lock the button. Longer hoses available