Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Review

Review of Imperium Central Vacuum

This item is sold in the United States ONLY! For Canadian visitors, please take a look at the ratings for central vacuums sold in Canada.

The CV300 by Imperium offers an unrivalled combination of value for money and performance. This cleaning system boasts an impressive 740 air watts, enough to clean a residential or commercial building up to 7,500 square feet in size.

With a variety of accessories, Imperium offers versatility for every cleaning need. Pet owners will especially love this central vacuum system as it allows you to clean your home without exhausting animal fur and smell back into the house. This unit will definitely come in handy for a variety of pet grooming needs.

An impressive feature of the Imperium CV300 is its high quality construction. While its close competitors such as NuTone are made from plastic, the CV300 comes with top-quality steel made from the process of annealing and galvanizing. The result is an all-steel construction with a matte finish that is extremely resistant to rust and will remain durable for many years.

There is more to the steel construction than good looks and durability; it also allows the CV300 to offer remarkably quiet operation at just 58 decibels. While the hose delivers incredible power, you never have to worry about the corresponding noise.

This vacuum system comes with a sturdy 5.7 inch motor operating on the 2-stage Flow Thru technology by Ametek-Lamb. This innovative technology gives the unit incredible suction and air watts to guarantee deep cleaning.

An additional impressive feature is the hose inlet located on the right hand side of the power unit. This utility inlet is super convenient as it allows you to start using the unit regardless of where the canister is installed. It’s just great to have the option to directly connect to the vacuum to clean out-of- sight areas such as the garage or basement—simply plug in the hose and you’re good to go with cleaning your home, garage or even your car.

The CV300 features a 6.25 gallon dirt canister, which is larger than the standard capacity. This unit comes with the option of a micro-lined paper bag or Maxflo HEPA paper bag for superior filtration.Whether your home is a two-story ranch or a sprawling bungalow, installing this central vacuum system can be done in just a weekend. Indeed, an average size home only needs a maximum of three inlets and you are good to go.


It is hard to get a central vacuum power unit that will deliver on performance without requiring you to break the bank. Imperium CV300 offers both. A 10 year warranty that gives you peace of mind just seals the deal with this unit.

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    10 year motor warranty
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    Ideal for 7500 square feet homes
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    58 decibels
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    Sealed Suction Lift: 138"
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    Dirt Capacity: 6.25 gallons