Dust Care DCC-3000C Quiet Series Central Vacuum System

TheDustcare DCC-3000C Quiet Series Central Vacuum System is designed to offer both a silent and spotless cleaning experience. This powerful central vac is suitable for use in both large homes of up to 8500ftsq and in commercial premises, without causing any noisy disruptions. With a water-lift value of 161’’ coupled with an impressive 1800 airwatts, Dustcare Quiet Series guarantees nothing but thorough and effortless cleaning on every surface in your house.

Dust Care DCC-3000C

The Dustcare DCC-3000C Quiet Series Central Vac comes with an all-powerful motor system fuelled by four innovative turbines. The sturdy turbines are the center of the motor system. They ensure that the central vacuum system works efficiently to eliminate minuscule dirt and debris.

The motor is further ensconced within an acoustic foam substance. This minimizes noise down to 71 decibels when the motor is in use, making the DustCare DCC-3000C one of the quietest cleaning systems.

This central vacuum unit utilizes a double filtration mechanism, supported by two filtration bags. The unique filtration system ensures that dirt and debris are completely sequestered from the air. This filtration method guarantees high indoor air quality. It also keeps the motor free from dirt that could compromise its efficiency.

You can easily remove the filtration bags to dust them out. These bags are also replaceable when they are completely worn out. The filter bags are deliberately made from Dacron material. This ensures that most of the dirt and debris is sequestered from the air, making certain that your indoor air is not compromised.

The Dustcare DCC-3000C Quiet Series Central Vacuum system also comes with a large 12-gallon dirt receptacle. This goes a long way in minimizing the number of times you have to empty the canister, down to just once a year! The unit offers you an option of both bagless and bag filtration. This gives you ample control over how you dispose of dirt and debris, while considering hygiene.

With the Dustcare DCC-3000C Quiet Series, you can insert up to 10 inlets in your home. This provision allows you to conveniently clean your home without worrying whether you will be able to efficiently clean the hidden nooks and crannies.

In addition to whisper quiet operations, this cleaning system guarantees longevity. The power unit features a sturdy metal construction that is resistant to corrosion and abrasion.


Capped with a 7-year warranty, you are assured that the Dustcare DCC-3000C Quiet Series Central Vacuum system will be a reliable cleaning companion for many years.

  • Air Watts: 1800
  • Filtration system: Micron
  • Noise level in decibels: 71
  • Suction power: 191  inches
  • Dirt capacity in gallons: 12
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Rating out of 5 points: 4.9


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