Drainvac DV1R700-F

The Drainvac DVIR700-F central vacuum is unique in its own right. This vacuum unit allows you to clean both wet and dry surfaces. Being an automatic vacuuming system, all debris and wet matter are sent straight into the sewerage. The Drainvac vacuum is ideal for any home size. Its superior filtration system works great especially if you or your family suffer from respiratory allergies.

Built for advanced residential cleaning, the Drainvac DVIR700-F features a sturdy motor that powers a remarkable 700 airwatts of suction power and 140’’ water lift. This central vacuum system utilizes a cyclonic or bagless filtration method.

It is best to vent outside to guarantee optimal levels of filtration. Drainvac DVIR700-F automatic draining alleviates the risk of allergic infections caused by pet dander, wet and dry dirt.

Electrolux Central Vacuum
This central vacuum unit features a 9-gallon dirt receptacle that makes for easy and sanitary maintenance. You may only have to empty the dirt receptacle once a year.

The entire vacuum unit is built to last a lifetime, thanks to its sturdy polythene interior. The power unit, set on an extensive 5-year warranty is also designed to resist corrosion and rust even after many years of use.

Other than its low noise operation, the Drainvac DVIR700-F provides deep cleaning for your car interior, carpeted and non-carpeted floors, furniture, mattresses, and curtains. The low post-cleaning maintenance will impress Drainvac DVIR700-F owners; cleaning the tank is not necessary and you do not need to contend with disposal bags.


Drainvac is certainly an ideal choice if you are looking for an easy to install, quick to use central vacuum system to suit your cleaning needs.

  • Air Watts: 700
  • Filtration system: Cyclonic
  • Noise level in decibels: 58 
  • Suction power: 140-Inches
  • Dirt capacity in gallons: 9
  • Availability and length of warranty: 5 years
  • Rating out of 5 points: 5


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