8 Facts That Will Make You Seriously Consider Central Vacuums

eight facts that might change your mind on central vacuums

Central vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular for many good reasons. They offer numerous advantages over traditional vacuum cleaners, i.e. portable vacuum cleaners. Below, you will find a breakdown of eight of the top advantages.

1. More Power

This is perhaps the biggest advantage. Central vacuum cleaners have on average three to five times more power than portable vacuum cleaners. The is because they have a much bigger motor.

When you don’t have to put the motor in a portable unit, you can make it as big and powerful as you want! In central vacuums, the motor is placed in a remote location like the garage, utility room, or attic where the sound of the motor can’t be heard or will at least be substantially muffled.

2. Much More Convinient

Have you ever tripped over a vacuum or power cord? Central vacuum cleaners are cordless! No more trying to roll up the cord when you are done cleaning! No more getting the cord wrapped around the legs of a table either! Best of all, no more lugging around of a big heavy unit from room to room, an even bigger advantage if you have a home with more than one story.

All you have to carry is a lightweight hose with a brush or attachment. Most units automatically turn on when you attach your hose into one of the inlets conveniently located throughout your home. This makes vacuuming a fun activity rather than a dreaded chore. Place your inlets any way you want around your house.

3. Cost Benefits

While many people think that central vacuum cleaners cost more than portable vacuum cleaners, they actually save you a lot of money when you factor in their cost benefits.

Firstly, it is important to realize that the cost of portable vacuum cleaners have risen significantly, when compared to central vacuum cleaners. Therefore, the initial price difference is not as great as it used to be.

Secondly, with the increased power and efficiency of central vacuums, using them can greatly extend the life of your carpets, drapes, and upholstered furniture. Dirt particles act like rough sand paper on the fibers of carpets or other material. Even the most expensive, high-end portable vacuum cleaners will not be able to reverse the damage that dust particles ca do to carpets, curtains, and furniture.

When you add up all these savings, a central vacuum actually costs much less than a portable vacuum cleaner, even a cheap one!

4. Health Benefits

Have you ever found yourself or your family squeezing and coughing after using a portable vacuum cleaner? If so, this is because a portable vacuum cleaner spews the dirt, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens into your home air as you vacuum!

With a central vacuum cleaner, these allergens are immediately removed from your home air through hidden ducts. These ducts are usually hidden inside your home’s walls but they can also be installed in other out of the way places such as under the floor or in the attic. Since the allergens are immediately removed from the air, you and your family no longer have to breath in these allergens.

Central vacuum cleaners are a godsend for those with asthma or other respiratory ailments because they remove virtually all of the allergens from the air. Don’t be fooled by incorrect marketing claims for high end portable vacuum units. The strongest portable vacuum cleaners, even those equipped with HEPA filters, cannot do this!

5. Less Noise

Since the motor isn’t in the room with you (it’s usually in the basement, attic, utility room, or garage), you don’t have to deal with such a loud noise you wish you were wearing ear muffs, i.e. the noise is so soft, you can still hear the phone ring or the baby cry. You can also carry on a normal conversation while you clean.

6. Plenty Of Attachments

There are a wider range of attachments available for central vacuum cleaners than for traditional vacuum cleaners. There are even automatic dust pans you can use when you sweep uncarpeted floors, preventing dirt and allergens from flying into the air when you sweep it into a traditional dust pan. There are also dust mop attachments and bare floor brushes.

If you have pets, you’ll love the pet attachments including pet brushes and pet combs. You can groom your pet without spreading the hair and dander through the house and your pet won’t be disturbed by the loud motor sound put out by traditional vacuum cleaners.

7. Increase the Resell Value Of Your Home

A central vacuum is considered such an attractive bonus when selling a house that many real estate agents mention this in the ad.

8. Keep Your Mattress Extra Clean

You probably spend 7-9 hours on your mattress every night. Dust mites love to hide within mattress fibers. The bodies of these dust mites stay there long after they die. With a central vacuum cleaner, you can easily remove these dust mites on a regular basis.