3 Things To Consider for a Successful Installation

tools for a central vacuum installation

Are you wondering whether you should go the DIY route and do your own central vacuum installation? The truth is, installing your own central vac is feasible; in fact, you can do it over a weekend, even if you have just basic handy skills. But, you need to get the basics right from the get go, to make the entire central vac installation process much easier.


Number of inlets and location

To ensure maximum convenience as you vacuum your house, it is a good idea to carefully choose the right locations for your inlet valves. You do not need too many inlet valves and the number you choose to install will largely depend on the size of your house.

To determine the most appropriate number of inlets, simply divide the square footage of your house with 600. The best locations to fix the inlet valves are along doorways and hallways, interior walls, or on the last few staircases.

Location of the Power Unit

The most suitable place to install the power unit is in the garage or the basement area. You want to give your power unit enough space to breathe, so do not place it in an area that is too enclosed, lacks adequate ventilation or is susceptible to overheating.

It is also a good idea to leave adequate amount of space between the floor and the power unit itself to make it easier to detach the dirt receptacle when you need to empty it. Power units with outside ventilation should be vented through an exterior as opposed to an interior wall to avoid compromising the interior air quality.

The Length of tubing

Even if you have the most effective power unit, your tubing layout can greatly undermine the efficiency of your central vacuum system.
Before setting out to undertake your central vacuum installation, check out the required length of tubing from the exhaust point to the inlet valve located furthest from the power unit. Tubing that is too long tends to weaken the suction power needed to pull up dirt and debris from surfaces as you vacuum.

Overall, it is possible and perhaps even fun to do your own central vacuum installation. But, careful planning, using your user-manual, will ensure that your entire central vacuum cleaning system works with no fuss at all and for the long term!