Find the Right Central Vacuum System for Your Home Cleaning Needs!

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When it comes to vacuuming the house, few people would say that they look forward to it. The traditional, upright vacuuming systems are bulky and carrying them around just to blast off the dust from each corner of your house is understandably a daunting chore.

Lucky for you, there is an alternative: central vacuum systems! They are essentially built to extract dirt from your house in a way that will preserve your indoor air quality.

Unlike the upright vacuum types that tend to stir up dust and contaminate the air, central vacuums direct all the debris to an out-of-the way canister, preferably located in the basement or in the garage. In place of a large and bulky vacuuming unit, you only need to carry a very light power brush linked to a retractable hose that allows you to easily dust off every nook in your house.

If you are looking to buy a central system but are unsure about terminology and features, you came to the right place. We’ve put together reviews to make it easy for you to compare the most important features. Further down, we explain the basics and terminology for the even more curious shopper.

Central Vac Reviews

There are numerous systems on the market, from the high-end household names, to other less known brands. We are using 6 industry criteria to rank the different types in our review. These criteria include:

  • Air watts
  • Filtration system
  • Dirt capacity
  • Noise level
  • Suction power
  • Ratings out of 5 points

The following table lists the top 6 products we recommend. You can sort by clicking on the feature names in the table header.

Air Watts
Filtration System
Dirt Capacity
Noise Level
Suction Power
PowerStar Optima 99193, PS-99193

533Cyclonic2.3 gallons58 decibel123 inches4.7$$$
Drainvac DV1R700-F

700Cyclonic9 gallons58 decibel140 inches5$$$$
Cana-Vac Ultra Quiet Model 700-LS

Cana Vac Central Vacuum System
625HEPA double filtration5 gallons54 decibel132 inches4.5$$$
Dust Care DCC-3000C Quiet Series

Dust Care DCC-3000C Quiet Series
1800Micron12 gallons71 decibel161 inches4.9$
AirVac Red Series Bagless Central Vacuum Motor, 627W

627Micron6 gallons64 decibel123 inches4.5$
Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen

640Cyclonic 8 gallons64 decibel110 inches5$$


More Information on the Top 6 Recommended Products


Dust Care DCC-3000C vacuum

Dust Care DCC-3000C Quiet Series

Dust Care 3000c series is built for medium sized homes covering up to 9000ft2, and can accommodate up to 10 inlets across the house, making it convenient to vacuum any corner of your house. Dust Care 3000C is a handy vacuum cleaner built from strong and durable metal, guaranteeing that you will use the cleaning unit for many years.

Like some of the best central vacs in the market, Dust Care works on a modern filtration hybrid system- it comes with an option to use disposable trash bags or as a bag-less unit. The disposable bag option ensures that the highest level of hygiene is maintained especially during the disposal of grime and debris.

This modern unit has an impressively large dirt capacity of 12 gallons. You no longer have to empty the canister too frequently- just once a year is enough!

Dust Care vacuums have some of the most superior motors compared to other vacs. The quadruple turbine mechanism that is characteristic of the Dust Care vacuum motors ensures that the entire cleaning unit generates impressive suction power to pull out minuscule debris from any surface. Noise is not a problem with this central vac unit, thanks to the sound mufflers that cover the motors unit.

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electrolux zcv900 oxygen

Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen

Electrolux is a top manufacture not just of vacuums but of other household appliances as well. The Oxygen was built for customers looking for modern, technologically convenient central vacuums.

The Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen is one of the most efficient cleaning systems as it works using the tornado effect, and it comes with a genuine HEPA mechanism as well as a GORE-TEX™ filtration system. The HEPA MicroSeal™ Fresh Air filtration system ensures that your indoor air quality is not compromised as even the smallest dirt particles are eliminated from the air while you vacuum.

The GORE-TEX™ filtration allows the filters to clean themselves, so you don’t need to. Electrolux ZCV900 Oxygen works best when stored in the garage. This vacuum comes with high quality parts, ensuring that the noise level is kept to a minimum.

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DrainVa dv1r700

Drainvac DV1R700-F

Drainvac units are some of the most powerful and reliable vacuuming solutions. The DV1R700-F Drainvac in particular is built to cover large surface areas and you can comfortably clean a home covering 8,000ft2 without putting any strain on the motor capacity. The DrainVac power unit is built out of sturdy material. You have an option of high quality stainless or galvanized steel, or strong polythene.

These sturdy materials preserve the unit’s longevity by keeping rust and breakage away. This unit’s suction power is also remarkable, providing up to 700 air watts and an airlift of up to 140 inches. Drainvac’s dirt capacity of 9 gallons means that maintaining your central vac becomes less demanding; you only need to dispose of the resulting accumulation once a year.

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Cana-Vac Ultra Quiet Model

Cana-Vac Ultra Quiet Model 700-LS

The 700 Cana Vac is ideal for both large and medium sized houses. A great feature of the Cana-Vac is the HEPA filters, which comes with an inbuilt membrane that keeps dirt and debris from sticking onto the filters.

The membrane also facilitates in the effective sequestering of fine dirt particles, keeping them away from the motor. In addition, Can Vac is fitted with a Micro-Tex filter that allows for indoor venting when outside venting is not feasible. The Micro-Tex filters are self-cleansing so you do not have to remove them or to clean them at all. The 700 Cana Vac unit works both as a bag-less and as a hybrid system. The hybrid one ensures that you do not interact with the dust and grime, because all that is required is for you to dispose of the bag once it is full. No cleaning of the dirt canister is needed.

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AirVac Red Series Bagless

AirVac Red Series Bagless Motor, 627W

The AVR24000 AirVac series is ideal for both small and medium sized houses. While the Platinum AirVac vacuum comes with bags, this Red Series is a bag-less cleaning system. Nevertheless, this vac is ideal if you are looking for something that is easy to handle and store, thanks to its modular shape.

Installing the AVR24000 AirVac is pretty easy as you can connect the exhaust and the intake outlets from either side. Also the electrical port is placed at the front of the hose, making it super easy for you to connect the hose to the main power unit as you clean your house.

What makes the AVR24000 AirVac so efficient in maintaining indoor quality is the fabric filtration that is permanently attached. The filter can sequester debris as small as 0.1 micron. The dirt receptacle can hold about 6 gallons of dirt but you will find that emptying the canister is quite easy due to the effortlessly detachable latches that hold the receptacle to the power unit.

This system guarantees a lower noise level as it comes with mufflers that can be installed within the walls during the tubing process. These will significantly minimize the level of noise when your vacuum is switched on.

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Powerstar Optima

PowerStar Optima 99193, PS-99193

The PowerStar Optima was born out of the PowerStar Genesis series. This vacuuming system is ideal for smaller homes covering up to 4000 ft2.  One of the best features of the PowerStar Optima central vac is its soundproof motor, which makes this unit one of the quietest vacuums we tested.

PowerStar central vacs feature HEPA filters, which can sequester debris and dirt that are up to 0.3 microns, guaranteeing 99% filtration and dirt removal efficiency. HEPA filters are essential, especially if you suffer from allergic reactions triggered by dust. The Aller-X Micro Electrostatic filters work hand in hand with the HEPA filter to ensure maximum filtration efficiency.

The PowerStar Optima unit is built from stainless steel, which not only keep rust off but also guarantees the system’s longevity.

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